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JAN 10 2019

Trying to live the preach I’ve heard many times, turning my worries into something hopeful plans.

It’s almost 1am now and my frustration wouldn’t allow me to take my rest and sleep. If you would ask me a month ago, I would just say that it wasn’t my time yet to worry about that. Little did I know that I am up for a surprise.

I am very anxious of how my OJT will work because whenever I look at the timeline and schedule I did just this afternoon, I seemed to be ambitious. Maybe I’m pushing way too hard on pursuing an overloaded unit on a trimester setup. 3 months is way too short for 5 subjects and 480hours on-the-job training. Should I listen to what one professor told me, “20 units, grabe naman yan. Ayoko,” said she when I am about to register my subjects.

That is one of my weaknesses, when someone I look up to, do not believe on what I can do. I just smiled at her and told her that I can squeeze that all in when at the back of my mind, I don’t have a concrete idea of what I am about to get into. But I went in.

And maybe that’s my problem. I keep looking for someone to show me that they believe in me, but I keep doubting myself. It’s a scenario I have encounter many times so, why can’t this be a lesson learned already?

Let’s make it one.


Remember last semester when you are about to take 4 major subjects? You thought you couldn’t survive but you did. You hustle, you prayed. You trusted God, you can do it again.

Second week of December. Finals. ‘hell week’. You had to attend your sister’s debut party, but you were cramming on your papers due to present and be revised. You said it was ok, you had the time properly managed. You were at the party, helping in organizing. You were not a ‘crowd person’ but you tried to wave through them and do your task. But everything makes your ticking bomb click faster. Until even your family got tired of simply hearing you out and understanding you. You exploded and everything shrunk- your mask of bravery, your nonexistent time management, your patience. You got home with an anxious heavy heart, you cried alone- hard. You were typing your presentation spiel with tears streaming down unstoppably. You worry you wouldn’t get up on time and be late for 8am call time the next morning.

You woke up with a swollen eyes and palpitating heart. Not knowing what is more effective to do; memorize your lines or spend the remaining time for a prayer. I am glad you did the latter. God made it so easy I didn’t know what good it made you. You did not even finish your first line when they cut you off because the time is over. Ah! I know what good it brought you, it spared you from shame! It’s a blessing and a punish, child. I could almost hear Him.

See what you got from overthinking? Nothing. Instead of worrying about it, get up and do it with your head help up WITH GOD ON YOUR SIDE. He hears you. You think you can’t do something? Leave it to Him, He is able.

It’s almost 2am and I wanted to end this journal turned rant with a prayer.

Lord, thank you for reminding me that you were there in every time we needed you. I heard your voice today regarding the conditional trust; please remove that from me. I unconsciously do it sometimes I admit but I wanted to change that thinking. Change my heart and fill it with pure intention and my mind to be eased and know that you are in full control. I know that you work beyond our expectations and you have in stored greater plans. This height I am about to jump? I have you as my wings, your wind will blow me towards my direction. And I can’t wait to see the path you made for me and tell me when I must jump again. Teach me to overcome my fears and be REALLY PASSIONATE of whatever you will allow me to do. Thank you for this time of meditation that you send your Holy Spirit to where I am and thank you because I can feel you are embracing me now, I need it badly. Shall we call it a night, Lord? I love you ❤

love, louie.


JAN 10 | 2:03 | THURS

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JAN 1 2019 💝🎉

happy new year!

2018 has been indeed an exhausting year. it was tiring because i had to finished a lot of things and that only implies blessings. i am thankful that i was able to accomplish everything i have to do and also thankful for the lessons my mistakes and error has taught me. every year was a cycle of errors and accomplishments and i am excited more than ever about what 2019 has in stored for me. my mind is buzzing right now and it’s 3am in the morning of the beginning of the year. i don’t wanna jinx any anticipated event that is yet to come but i am excited for sure!!

2018 brought me people i never knew would eventually grow on me and much less took people i never knew would grew out on me. the past years made me emotionally stronger, the people and the experience shaped me and the way i’m handling my mental health now is incredibly great. im proud i could say that ive learned a lot about my self this year and focusing on yourself was an absolute bliss once you found out what more you have not known before. i understand ME better now, sometimes it shocked me when i explicitly point out what i wanted and what i don’t because wow my mind was made up and it made me proud. and that’s one of the things i look forward to this year, more proud moments, more winning decisions- i am so ready for you 2019!

i seriously hope that everything i prayed for would work out right. this is it! the year of adulting! of more responsibilities! of commitments! and more commitments!! cheers and let’s claim the success already!

i just wanted to put it out there how thankful i am for my college friends- from the small group of all girls squad to the big circle of irregular buddies- they were all so amazing and made my life a lot longer for always making me laugh until my stomach hurts! good company is the key to survive life, i swear. thankful to my old friends who stayed in touch- i probably seen most of them once this year but the memories lasted all throughout this year. these solid people i know surely has no way out of my life anymore, i’m sorry guys but you were stuck with me. to my crushes- you guys made my gruesome days somehow a little better just by existing. even though most of you don’t know me, have it in mind that someone appreciate you beautiful humans! special shoutout to engr, two years and still crushing on you the same as the very first day! jokes! i somehow gotten over you… a little. thank you to my family, i was a brat and u get tired of my dramas. sometimes u leave me even though i still need you there but i will always try to understand just like how you do for me and accept the beauty and ugliness of every inch of you. my existence would lose its importance if without you all, my blood runs for you guys and i always wanted to bring that with me everyday and remind me why i am where i am in the first place. we will have the best life and i’m excited to celebrate that with you all.

to the one who made everything i thought would never happen- possible. LORD, you know me better that i know myself and you know what’s best for me. i am thankful because you allow me to learn life and how to live it. you make me a better person everyday, you are amazing lord. never have i been deserving of your kindness but you never left me, i am always almost on my grave and you were there to lift me up. i crave for you words lord, please allow me to hear you even when the world makes it hard for me to understand you. you are my everything lord, you give me life and i owe you that. i love you!

love, louie.


JAN 1 | 3:53 | TUES


Carpe diem

At some point, we may seem to find ourselves lost in track or we seemed to be forgetting our life goal. We tend to over analyze the things we should be doing right away but instead, we were stuck thinking of the most probably worst scenario we could ever come up to. 

We caged ourselves in the idea of probabilities and chose not to face the reality. We hinder ourselves from seeing the light because we chose to be in the dark, to be kept there. We let our souls get locked on the misery we only made ourselves. We never give ourselves a chance to witness our abilities because we cover our eyes even before it starts. We stick our hands together rather than pulling it apart because it has never occur to you that you were actually tied up. 

Loosen up. Loose your self but never lose it. Try to look at things in different angle and you will see, how beautiful being different is. 

Carpe diem. Seize the day. Pluck the day. Enjoy yourself while you have the chance. Those were the words you commonly hear from people who wanted to motivate you to live your life to the fullest. In modern way, it is stated as YOLO or you only live once.

Carpe diem. Grab whatever that opportunity in your plate and make the most out of it. You were not good enough? Who ever said that does not have faith even in herself. Because a determined person believes in herself as much as she believe in everybody. Pessimism has no room in her circle. She collects optimism as much she can get. Even if it’s the only thing that keeps her faith from falling in the edge of wilderness, she will hold onto it. She will not fall. She will fly, like the butterfly that she is. She will fly against the course of the wind, strong and mighty like she is taught to be. She has the ability of believing herself. For she know, that in this cruel world, that is bravest thing she could ever do. 

Carpe diem. Love him. Love her. Love like you have never been broken before. Love like you have not experience to give your heart just to have it squished hard. Love harder. Although there is no assurance of receiving it back, do it so. Because you know what? That is love. Always bear in mind that to fail is better than not trying at all. It applies generally in all aspects of life. Who knows that by trying, we let the other people see the opportunities they were taking for granted, the diamonds they thought were copper. Dig for the moment you have in your dreams for a while now. It will never happen if you won’t make it happen. There is perfect timing, indeed. But what if we make some twist and make this time perfect. This time that you were living on your happiest form. This time that you forgot to think what you were over thinking about. It’s the time, it’s your time- always has been. 

Carpe diem. Take note for yourself: it’s not always waiting. 
Carpe diem. Make yourself feel the freedom and taste the assortments of emotions. Make room for new things and open the doors for opportunities. Do not turn your head from possibilities, look back to remind yourself that today is always worth it. That you are worth it. 

Carpe diem. Wake up today and wear the clothes that makes you feel better. You flaunt it because you were amazing like that. Smile on the bright sunny day even if it hurts your eyes, relax yourself and close it for a little while. You will realize that everything just takes time. You will open your eyes again and look up to the sky like it never hurt you on the first time. You will continue walking because you are leading to where you are supposed to be. The path that is rightfully made for you, exclusively. Do not try to hide the marks from your previous steps, every piece of that is a significant mile stone. Those were lessons that you will keep and learn from. Those marks do not define you but those are what makes you, you. 
On this process, you will not have to step on to anybody, because you are busy stepping onto the runway that is allotted for you. Do not let the people along the way hold you back. Try to mingle and get along but never forget your purpose on the very beginning. 

Gone are the days where you look at life as a bore. Spontaneous becomes bonded next to your name. The world becomes your playground as you enjoy your game which is life. 

One at a time, everything is changing. Do not fret for change is the only constant in this world. Go with the flow and take your soul with you and travel the unending uncertainties. They were most beautiful when you are with a peaceful mind and heart. 

Carpe diem. Amidst of the crazy twirls of life events and quick pace of heart beat. They were a good sign of future exciting events. Always crave for that feeling and do not dwell on plain light things. Hardships are the best teacher. Learn to never limit yourself of the great things. Even though sometimes, we mistake them as just instances we could passed through. Embracing the goodness of bitter things is like tasting the tears of pure happiness. They can be confusing but you will get the hang of it eventually. Trust me when I say that everything will be fine when you live according to your strong will and life principles. 
Never stopped believing in numerous of what you can be just because of the few of you can never be. 

Life is full of choices. Choose the best option. You are free of achieving your aspirations. You can be whatever you wanted to be. 

Just please do yourself a favor, carpe diem. 

-LSS | March 22, 2017

(Back story: helped a friend to write an essay, came up with this. Fulfilling.)

Inspire, Out of the blue

Self love

Dear self,
There are tons of things you should be doing right now but your mind do not want to operate so you opt for what you think could calm it a bit. 

Write a little something that will make you feel good about your shitty self. And guess what, it happens all the time but even writing do not seem to be working anymore. How many drafts were in your trash bin that was long forgotten because after 3 sentences, every ideas vanishes. 

What is the accurate feeling of your unspoken mind? You never figure out. Isn’t horrible? Nope, it’s more than that. 
While there are indeed tons of things you need to accomplish at the moment like school stuffs- I want to remind you of the things you NEED to stop doing. ASAP. 

1. I want you to stop overthinking. First things first. Everything I would say would fall into this category because there is so much in your mind that is affecting your physical aura that you are unaware of. Stop the what if’s and just live the life. 

2. I want you to stop letting your friends affect your perspective in a bad way. You have your fair perception you made yourself, so don’t let them bother yours with them. There is no wrong with the friendship as long as their idea wouldn’t kill you.  
3. Stop comparing. Your life is the way it is because it should be like it. It should never be like those that you saw on others with your naked eye. Because you know what? You deserve more than that. Believe me. 
4. Stop controlling the things out of your hands. I hope you figure out that once you let things be, that is when you will find happiness. Adjust your mindset and focus only on all what you have. 
5. Stop mourning over petty things. Just because your hair does not turned out how you want it to be, you get to ruin your whole day. I hope you see that there is more than the looks you try to rock. Appreciate compliments and consider yourself lucky every time you get one. You’re way prettier that you’ll ever realize. 

6. Stop the messy life, declutter. There are so many ways to do this, even Youtube can help you. You’ve binge-watch shows on there, spend it on more useful videos and teach yourself. Life hacks, 101 Tips, remind yourself that you will only consider the rational ones. Internet sometimes is confusing. 
7. Stop complaining. Be grateful. Scenarios in your mind are bound to be destructive, that is when you’ll start seeing life differently and unappreciatively to what is really happening. Simple things matters. Remember, it was your mantra long ago. Smile on the things that bothers you and thank that you are actually making a progress little by little. You will get through whatever your situation you’re in. Kick ass and be optimistic.

There is more in life. Keep your head up and don’t get tired on expecting good things. Life is full of surprises. You can do it, girl!
Love you ❤️

-LSS | February 22, 2017


Get over it

There’ll be mountains of dialogues stack on your head right now on how do you want to begin your new year. While I have my fair share on it, I decided to have a couple of words to finalize my great ideal 2017. 

Just because it’s the simpliest does not mean it will come at easy. No life is easy. I only want to stay like how it is and do not delve much on the complex. It’s easier that way in this non-easy life. 

I am going to rock this year with relax posture with sass! Kidding aside, 2017, come at me! 


Little Something

We want to be strong.
But we have to be vulnerable.
We don’t want to lose.
But we have to accept defeat.
We want to stand for our dignity and pride.
But we have to think practical.

Funny how we both need things that are completely contrast to the other. But on a particular circumstance, only one particular thing must be done.

Sometimes the more we reach for the top, the more we are unconsciously bringing ourselves down.

We can’t always have the upper hand but we can save ourselves from a complete fall.

Strength is power. If we are gaining it, means we are bound to lose it too. Slowly. What if we drain it in the middle of chaos?
Can’t we just be vulnerable and save our power for something that is worthy.

Or is it worthy?

Is it worthy losing your dignity and pride of the crude thing this life is challenging you?
Or was it really about your dignity or was it your pride? Maybe it was just your ego that possessed you to keep it up, even if it’s already hurting. Even if you are already bleeding.

If you can’t hold on anymore… let go.

Letting go is winning. You win from the fact that you could accept things you can’t before. Maturity. It is like winning yourself, giving ourselves a break from losing something, which is yourself too.

We didn’t know that maybe, amidst of the battle we are fighting, we’ve been losing a part of us. What is winning for, if we can’t bring back what we lost from the chaos?

Accept the things you can’t have.
There are some other things that is in stored for you.
Accept the things that doesn’t matter anymore even how much you treasure it.

But you could keep it.

Keep it to yourself.

…if you have to.

Is writing this makes me a coward? A weak? No.

All I know is, I’ve been strong enough to show off what I can, and I just know how to play with this cruel reality called life.
I learned how to live it.
By living it, we have to leave some things on the way.
In order to push through, survive.
We let it be and watch how things will fall… apart and into places.

MAY 28, 2016 | 7:38 PM | SATURDAY


Tell Your Story

We can never tell time and chances. Time has never been considerate ever since I met him. He’s like, you do your thing and I do mine. As everything move continuously while we at some time were struck or trapped of a particular thing, passing through it wasn’t easy. How could you run after things that got passed you and left you behind? We have many choices on how we prefer to live our lives.

You just have to be wise and endure all of it. Until everything take its place, atleast, on how you view and want it to be.
Life is a crazy journey. We have to handle our emotions well. Joy and sadness… then there is depression.

First week. Everytime you look around, everything seems so wrong. You can’t have a glimpse of goodness even on its smallest form. You gather your thoughts but all you ever come up is regrets and disappointments. You think everything and everyone is unfair. That life is unfair. You are being driven in a road full of confusion and hatred. Because that is the only thing that you can ever come up; negative emotions.

Second week. As much as you wanted to make everything right, it always lead you to why you can’t change it. You keep telling your self that there is still a chance, that you can do something to turn your life back around. But all that is offered to you was nothing, it was empty. 

Three months. Envy. Imaginations and illusions. These are what invaded your head mostly. Past months are torture and so is your ideal conclusions of your current life situation. You are hopeless and helpless. Hard headed and dark hearted. Numb and snob. Attitudes everywhere. You became unpredictable. Give it to you that you are hurt, but you drown yourself too much, young lady.

Seven months. Depression. You are eaten up by your own emotions. You are once again cracked and left alone. You felt nothing but grief. You are in desperate need of answers. You are almost giving in that you wanted to end everything. Self-pity.

… but you know that there is still something inside you, your deeper and inner self, there is hope and lost soul. Lost soul that you want to find. Lost soul that keeps crying out, she wanted to be free; free from the darkness she is in.

You meditate. You begin to see the smallest of things, the grains of every seeds. You see the worth of the unworthy. You find happiness in the simpliest things. Because that is all what left, little things. That is all you have. And it’s not that bad.

You know that you can remain as calm as this long enough. Enough to endure all the misery kept behind you. Enough until this is all over. Enough to make you last.

All smiles. All right. Seems normal for me. Seems okay. Seems legit.

However, there are days that the clouds are black. You can’t help it, so you let it be and pass by. Ridiculous!

You are able to survive the everyday life tragedies, then who cares about who and what is pretending. Life became your game. You play the game.

Whenever you see beautiful vibe into something. You know it’s a great feeling. That is why you are all eyes on what surrounds you. You crave that great feeling. You want that feeling. It’s a familiar and missed kind of feeling. It’s nauseating you in a good kind of way.

As you roam your eyes around, you can’t pretend like you never see facts that you kept shrugging. It bothers you somehow. And somehow brings back the feelings you locked behind long time ago. Years back, you’d be mourning by now but does frowning and stoned face consider as an improvement? Maybe yes, but not really. Reality is slapping you in the face and you don’t care.

Days flying quick, months kicking in, how long has it been since? Throughout it all, what are the changes I manage to do? Baby steps and slow walks are what I’ve been doing since I forgot my goals and my footsteps behind me and lost. How long has I been struggling to answer questions that I can’t even bear to hear. How long has it been watching my friends from afar? How long has it been since I left myself somewhere in the midst of the dark woods. How long has it been since I lost my soul? How long has it been that I became a lost soul?

Two years? That is such a short time for someone. But I am not that someone. Those years have been flips and turns for me. Within those years, I’ve been a stranger. And I don’t know until when will I be one.

But those two years were a wonderful ride. There are lessons you learned and things you improved. Discoveries and memories are what made those years worthy. Worth living for even if it has been difficult. Despite all those circumstances and sudden changes, there is one thing you never stop doing: wishing and praying.

For that one day wherein: you will be able to see all the justice to everything that had happened, you will be able to respond to all the phrases you once thought of saying “I wish I could say the same” and to be able to say or scream rather, FINALLY!

So don’t stop waiting. It will be given, when it is the right time. Prayers are powerful, just be faithful.

Life is never fair. You tell your stories, but never end it. Remember that once you reach the plot, that is when things are getting better. It is not the end yet.

Not yet…

12:36 Am| January 11, 2016|

Inspire, Out of the blue

Two cents

Just because you took longer than the others doesn’t mean you failed.

This quote hit me really hard that lead me to put my thoughts into this… by words. For now, that is how I deal with things, especially with personal ones. Dealing with your emotions isn’t easy nor controlling it. Thus, you find ways to settle it and hope to cope up. By any means, writing have been my medium.

How do you know that you are being left out?

..or are you even left out?

We never know. We might thought but we never know. If you think you do, it was just you. Sometimes, ‘time’ is telling us otherwise.

Was ‘time’ became our basis of when, who and what is being left out?

Why do we always have to watch our ‘time’?

We should not. We must not.

Time sometimes measures life. Yes it does, but we don’t always have to lean with what the time is saying.

“If you are measuring life, you are not living it. “- Mitch Albom (Time Keeper)

You watch your clock to check for time. What if you learned it stopped sometime later that day? Your time passed but not your life.
We can even set up our clock according to our choices. It could be on advance or late. Just like how you decide on working a certain project, do it later or as early as you want.
People have different time zone and it was up to them on how they set up their clock. It was up to the place they belong. And as I am saying this, I realized, there is no such EXACT TIME. None. If the time is according to their places, then wait for your time till it is in your place.
When it is already your time, it will be placed.

Just like how people get achievements. It may be late or advance. But could we really say it that way? Because if there is no exact time then there is no late nor advance. Right?

Apparently, he achieved a particular thing because it was his ‘time’. He set his time up according to how he wants but he never got that achievement because he wanted. I mean, it was given right? He acts upon his desires, he plan and aim for it but He is the One who decides. God gave that to him. Therefore, only God, gives time. Only God has the perfect time.

I, is currently experiencing it myself. Why my simple question turned out this deep? I do not know.
I am not into the idea of being left out because first, who is?
And now that I am seeing my friends that is my age, taking a leap ahead of me is something that triggers me to question my life.
I question every single aspect of current happenings. Then I realized, I am only stressing myself with all these.
We just have to wait. Passing days might pressure you but don’t worry. Everything will fall into place.

Something bigger and something much more you deserve is what He has in stored for you. Just be patient.

Who knows, one day God surprise you with what you have been praying for in front of your face. He can do it with just a snap of His fingers, so, who knows?

splxxnx | January 5, 2016 | 4:30 PM |Monday|


Cheers to 2016

I am an optimistic person, yes I am, that is why I pushed myself so hard just to start to write something that is somewhat relatable to ‘New Year’; since we are almost a heartbeat away from it so, yeah, I think it’s necessary, well, for me.

I don’t and have never had a new year’s resolution. I just know that I will never be consistent with things I wanted to change. Also, I tend to forget those in the midst of the year. Maybe, I should make a change and not be forgetful next year, eh? Sounds fun, sure.

This coming year, I don’t want to expect things to come before it; I dont want to pressure them atleast. [haha] I tried to go with the flow of my life, I still don’t know where it would lead me but someday, I will. But since, it’s a new year, I wanted to appreciate its presence and welcome it with such enthusiasm that it deserves.

Firstly, I wanted to thank God that He still lets me and my family to see the world’s beauty despite its imperfection. We faced and fought problems throughout 2015 but we are deeply grateful to be able to overcome everything together. And now, we are on ahead of another year once more and still intact. All my prayers is to be with them still and this foundation to be intact and would never breakdown, forever. We just have to be more understanding and patient, though.

Secondly, to my friends who never left me. Kudos to you guys. To those who continues to understand me despite my weirdness and uncertainties. I have been the most unpredictable person I knew this 2015. Damn, I hate it. Even I, won’t just understand myself at times. We might not converse and meet all the time but your love and care never changed. And I am forever thankful for having your kind of friendships. And I also want you to know that I treasure every moment we were together, you guys will always be amazing.

Lastly, for my existence, I have been overthinking for 17 years and 8 months now, ang God never got tired of me. I know He never will. 2015 may not be the most exciting year of my life but it has been a part of it and that is enough to be grateful for; as simple as breathing is enough to be grateful for. I know He has alot in stored for me in the next future and I will wait for it. 2015 wasn’t my best year but it was good and I know days will get better, soon.

I have to admit that this year wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. If I were to count my best days, the worst ones will always outnumber it and stand tall and high. I had cried buckets of tears and spent sleepless nights gawking and doing nothing. Also it was impossible to count all the hours I spent on my bed– one year seems forever to me. But those rocks and patches taught so many things and made me see things maturedly and courageously.

Best life lessons always comes from failures.

I don’t want to degrade myself so much but I know that I have to work on with my life big time. It’s been boring and less exciting, time to wake up do something now. And I guess, this simple entry will help me; being it a starter to pursue my life more and be an explorer.

I don’t want to expect much but this should be my goals set to help me aim and want for more.

This coming 2016 I want:

» To be able to go back to school.
» To get a job in order to help myself financially.
» To never miss even a single sunday service. Well, atleast, never let my faith decrease.
» To celebrate my 18th birthday!! Yay!! Hoping to have a party, atleast.
» Not let myself spend the 80% of my day on Phone or any electronic devices for unneccessary purposes.
» Stop making ‘tanga’ and ‘bobo’ as expression. -.-
» Have more patienceeeeee.
» Have a love life? Mmmm
» To sleep on time. 8hrs.
» To take extra care of my skin.
» To be less overthinker or not at all.
» To keep my friends still.
» To be more confident.
» To accomplish my designated task in everything.
» To be a better person!

… actually I am having a hard time thinking of things I wanted to achieve for this upcoming year. The things that are listed was apparently in no particular order— some are irrelevant and all but that is all that I could think of for now. I can’t still see myself to any place in the future. All I ever wished is this year to hold something bigger than past ones for me. And that would be what God will do, I just know.

All I could ever do now is wait and see how everything will unfold.

Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope that each one of you is having a great one.

Happy New Year too. Do you have a new year resolution too? What are those?

Have a beautiful day, lovies.

splxnnx| December 29, 2015| Wed| 11:15 PM|


Tell her…

Words are so powerful. You have to think first of what you are going to say because you didn’t know how much power this hold towards him/her, especially if you are someone that is special for that said person.

Bluntness is good but you should know your limit. Do not overdo it just to prove that you are just being real. Suck being real if you don’t care of one’s vulnerable emotion.

There are things that most people especially girls secretly want to hear when they are in a particular instance.

Tell her she’s pretty when she doubt herself in the mirror.

Tell her she’s amazing when she feels bad of doing something which isn’t really that bad.

Tell her she’s gorgeous when she made an effort to look so.

Tell her she did great in every achievement, little or big is still an achievement.

Tell her you will always be there when she felt so hopeless.

Tell her she’s beautiful in every aspect no matter what, tell her that everyday.

Tell her things that will help her unesiness low down. There are so many instances that she may feel helpless. Help her bulid her confidence. Boost up her self-esteem because you might not know how much she overthink every single thing she’s doing. If she did it the right way or no? She might be doing that everyday without your knowledge. You might not know what has been bothering her everytime she goes out of her house looking so intimidated as always. Feeding ones ego sometimes isn’t that bad, especially those who needed them.

She might need your words to help her heart grow strong when she felt so broken.

But don’t just tell her… show her because girls secretly needed assurance, yes, assurance.

I think that I found myself a cheerleader. She is always right there when I need her. -Cheerleader sang by Omi

… girls needed their cheerleader too. It might be you… Oh boy, it might be you.

assure her

splxxnx | 7:07 | mon | November 30, 2015