Tagaytay Escapade

Planning this trip was smooth, we brain stormed ideas and stuff and that’s how our discussion became heated and fun at the same time.

Arranging it was undoubtly not easy for we were inconsistent of the van we were planning to use and foods to pack. But all went well at the end.

Persuading friends for this was stressfully tiring, because everyone was like yes and no, unsure. And if won’t personally ask, they won’t give you updates about their final decision. *Sigh* S/o to TMM!

I was slightly getting hype but stressed out of everything my plans for this month. I also started to second guess this trip because of stupid superstition and instinct that made me question my decision. But how can my heart take this long drive down?
You know how much this makes me feel alive and contented, how much I love this kind of escapes.
… and the fact that it turned out to be a night out. It’s final! I’m so doing this!

Things were getting out of hand and slowly drifting apart. Okay, that’s exaggerating but these past weeks were seriously draining me. It was exhausting me physically and mentally. I cried for no reason at all and to just plain pathetic instances. Also, I haven’t had a proper sleep just yet. And time won’t stop and continue torturing me with how fast it flies. Damn, can you slow down?

My father haven’t given me money for the trip yet and my mom still pushes cons and cons of this upcoming out of town. (Presenting to you my super nega mom). I guess she just cares so much. It doesn’t take a genius to know that I’m lacking money and this day has to be the day we were supposed to look for (summer)job. Great idea, friend. So we went out but I was unluckily still too young for the company we went to. So I waited for my friend until she finished her interview and meet her on lunch break. I think it’s fine that she got a huge chance to have a job and I don’t because during lunch my dream came true. I ate alone with no company at all! Don’t I just love to be independent? So it really happened, I swear.
So there, after that I hanged out with 2 of my high school close friends (chia and len) and do just girly things and catched up.

Before the day ended, we finalize the whole trip and how it should go. We’re still conscious though, but we love being reckless. Bad asses we have here.

The original plan was to start as the sun rise but take it from us; we’re undecisive. Instead, we drove away just as the sun sets. The sun chooses to great us that day beautifully. We were struck by its rare look or is just me for I wasn’t out most of the days.

Fast forward.

It was already dark when we got to our first destination. It was on the upper area so the night view before us was fascinating. The thousands of light from the houses hundred miles away from us was amazingly seen from there.

One thing I want from darkness, it wasn’t always loneliness- as how we usually define ‘dark’. There is peace and beauty, only if you want to find it.

Since the time plan was changed, our iterinary has to change too. So we decided to take this trip literally as it is- on the road.

We dine in at KFC for dinner sometime that night and came back to the road again. After one round, we tried to put a picnic blanket somewhere to stay. So we did, it was midnight already, the place was huge and spacious that we can take long walks. Chilly nights with friends are always the best. We played various of games and talked about random things.

If not for the van limited time rent we aren’t home yet at 3AM. Unfortunately, time has to come and we have to go back and face the reality. (??) (Lol)

For me, everything turned out well, despite its imperfection and abruptness. Everytime we do something different I know our bond is getting tighter and that’s more important.

How everything happened, may it be good for our side or not, is maybe how it really should be.

APRIL 12 2016 | 1:30 PM | WEDNESDAY