We won

A city of tall buildings and people in formal attires— that is what I picture when I heard the place named Ortigas. As to my knowledge, (which I may tell is not really… you know) this is where most companies are found. Hence, people in suit and tie. But I wasn’t there to apply (atleast, not yet) or any kind of related office works.

Last February 24. We were called to attend a workshop… (ah, workshop) wait, what?!

Yep, that’s right, a workshop.
This is from the contest we joined last time, from Caronia.

Why are we attending workshop?
Because man, WE WON!

Though on third place, I am still happy, we are.

Third place

We were there to practice the commercial we were supposed to be in. It was a new kind of experience for me, but like I said before, I wasn’t really into media. Especially, in front of cameras. I am really shy and uncomfortable, something I should fix but I just can’t.

We waited for a while before the director came entered the door. He was around 26 and not the kind of director I thought. He was accomodating, so was his team, they were funny actually. They were cool. There we also met the other winners.
I think we spend almost 3 hours of briefing and practicing.
During the practice, I wasn’t really sure of what I’m doing. They told us to just do whatever the natural reaction we’ll get on the particular scenario. Wherein, we were voters in line waiting impatiently for the transaction to move. Well, I perfectly performed my natural reaction to that, which is none.

Truthfully, whenever I’m in a line (alone), I won’t do anything even if it took me hours to stand there. It was my choice to be there, then I should suck it up. HAHA

The directors might or might not liked my reactionless acting since they laugh at it but told me continue what I’m doing.

While I wasn’t liking any of it. Except the pizza treat. Yum!

I must say that for some kind, I am proud of what I did. I somehow did something out of my personality. For me, that is achievement.

But an unfortunate event happened…

I wasn’t able to come to the actual shooting. I never really intend to come in the first place. Though I had a perfect reasonable excuse. We went to Nueva Ecija. My friends and I did some road trip. That is much more fun. Duh! Lol

But that is no problem on their side. I did not affect their plan anyway. I’m no biggie.

We did get the prize exept the exposure they promised.

Set of Caronia products. One for each participant.

This is enough, I’m just fine.
Thank you Lord for all the blessings. Glory to God!

Next time, lovies.

March 2, 2016 | 9:09 PM | Wednesday


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