Sweets and Creeps

If you are to ask me how my Valentines Day had been, I must say that it was bitter-sweet one.

Yesterday was so eventful that it knocked me off the moment I hit the bed. And lead me to narrate my ‘adventure’ last night, today. I am actually thinking twice of sharing it on my blog, I guess I’ll give it on my diary then.

If you read my pre-valentine entry on my blog, I discussed ways of how you could spend it. And I actually applied it, wow. I’m living my words. Well, kinda, you will understand later.

I told you about how you could spend it with your close friends, just hanging out and catching up.

But I started mine the way this day should be started. I went to church and give praises to our God. It’s a Sunday and being with Him first and foremost was a very good feeling, it enlighten my mood more and made me keen on how this day would roll for me.

After the service, I went to my girl friends’ house. Helen, Francia and I did our usual thing. Pig out and an unexpected movie marathon (TV actually). We came browsing the television that afternoon and we stumble upon this really epic classic movie— One More Chance. I have only watched it once and that was long ago, I was young back then and I never enjoyed it the way I enjoyed it yesterday. My innocence that time won’t get the plot of the story yet. The feels and content of that movie was so intense, I recommend. So, we ended up watching one more show before it and there begins our Valentines date.

In between the first movie, we kinda prepare our food and share stories here and there. It goes like that the whole time. After the movie and being lousy-people-lying-on-couches we went out to repair Francia’s tablet gadget. Helen’s mother have a store on market and we stayed there for awhile continuing our talk and whatever.

After a while, it was evening by then, I went straight to Dianne’s pad to greet her a Happy birthday personally. I didn’t expect that I’ll be seeing some friends of ours too, there they practice their perfomance for her celebration on the 20th. I kinda ate some served food too. Yummm!! We talked about the upcoming event and planned some changes too. My day was going swiftly and just fine until we were on the jeepney on our way home.

Half way to our destination, two passenger made their way on the same jeep we are on; I was with my friend, Aldrex. He was sitted opposite of me, and the jeep wasn’t packed much so there’s alot of spaces to sit on. The one sat slighly beside me, he left a good distance between us and his other friend sat in front, beside the driver. They seemed new or lost because they keep asking the driver about directions and a particular place. I don’t want to be rude by judging them with their appearances but I can’t help it. The acts and glances they were giving around and my way looked so suspicious, their looks were the type of those goons I watched on TV— like they were hiding something behind their hands waiting to attack you.

I have a morbid imagination, I know. They are creeps and it gives me chills. I can’t help but panicked inside my head.

At first, I thought they were like the same annoying guys-who-has-nothing-to-do and say hi to random people especially to attractive girls. And man, I was not attractive at all. But I do receive some glances and ‘Hi, miss’ my way everytime. For me, it wasn’t fine at all to receive random compliments or comments from a complete stranger. It was annoying and sometimes embarassing. I’m thankful that they appreciate but they don’t have to go ‘feeling close’. Boys.. hays

On the other hand, these guys that rode with us last night wasn’t the normal guys-who-has-nothing-to-do. He wasn’t contented on glances, he even shot me a piercing look that stayed so long it made me uncomfortable. Being the normal me, I was praying already on the inside and crying for help— but squirming a little on the outside. I gave her frowns and disgusted faces some times but he wouldn’t budge. I think he find my pimple on the nose cute.

I got so alarmed when he continues doing so. The ride shouldn’t take so long it must be 10 to 15 mins only. But I am still frightened because the road we would be taking was dark and mostly quiet. Annnddd guess what? GOD IS SO GOOD, He heard my prayers right then.

The road I was talking about was blocked because it was under construction. It cause the jeepneys to take the other route wherein there’ll be more houses and is brighter. I was so happy thanking God, but that wasn’t the end yet.

He pointed out the karinderya asking (the driver) if that was a karinderya indeed, it was damn obvious because of the displays, saying they will eat there. But like I said, their acts were suspicious, I bet being dumb was their front. They did not even follow the driver’s repeated intructions. After all their questions, their destination and eating long forgotten, they even seemed to know where they were going and they were out of their supposed way.

They went out of the transpo too early and that made us ahead of them. He even continued his creepy stares as he got off and peek on the window calling his friend, but his eyes seemed glued to me. The urge to punch him was so strong. They were walking towards us the moment we got out. The realization the I’ll be separating ways with Aldrex doubled up my alertness. When our eyes met, I prenteded to shrugged my worries off and just smiled, nodding my head I said nothing as he bid goodbye. I know he knew something was off and was aware of the jeepney incident but I never glanced back at him thinking I might saw the goons behind. Instead I pulled my bag closer to me and rushed my steps, securing I had to have people to walk side by side. I utter prayers repeatedly inside my head and only stopped when I already caught sight of our house. Thank you, Lord.

I am never good at telling stories so sorry for having it so long it took half of this entry. My Valentines did not end pretty good, I must say. I guess it was part of the plan? Nothing bad happened and I’m still walking and talking to you. Soooo, it was fine. Everything is okay! If not, it will be.

Ps. God knew our prayers even before we utter them. Glory to God!



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