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Hearts Day

This coming Valentines Day, what are you up to?

Do you have a date to go to? Well, I ain’t teaching you how to prepare your dress and make up here. No, I won’t give you heads up and the do’s and don’ts during dates.

I have none for myself, anyway.

Instead, let me give you choices on how you can spend you Vday this year.

So, we are in the month of love. And not only to your boyfriends/girlfriends you could show the love, you have your friends, teachers, family or yourself. Since that’ll be on a Sunday, go to church, date with God.
Nowadays, some kids of this generation misunderstood this special day. They thought it was about dates with partners, it seems like being in a relationship with your opposite sex is a must-have now. Wake up, you could actually live without them.

I might sound bitter for some but I was only saying what I think is happening. Yes I am single, but I am actually keen on this coming fourteenth because I have a date!

…with my friends. We will spend the day together and catch up, it has been ages since we saw each other. We would probably pig out and that is something to look forward to… really.

Since I mentioned it already, let us start with spending your day with:

– your friends. School works are exhausting and time consuming. Go see you friends and catch up on agendas and shenaniggans you’re doing these days. You don’t want to miss a thing about them, do you? Having your besty around is giving us this light feeling of being free on whatever we do and say, it’s like you can go do stupid and dumb things together. These moments are what we missed the most. Or you could be emos and lazy asses for the day, have them around. They make the best company. Anyway, your stories are unlimited, you would never be bored. Redeem your inner craziness with them.

– your teachers. It’s a Sunday, means no school. But it is not an exemption to not appreciate the kindness and patience the educators are giving us. They have been the second parent of ours. Make the most out of the day and be grateful for their existence. Extend your love to them. Well, I am not only talking about your teachers on school, but to those who taught you things that you are grateful of learning. To those people who lead you to wherever and whatever. Tell them how you appreciate having them in your life.

– your family. Whether you are living with them or not, how much you treasure them is undeniably beyond anyone’s imagination and measurement. You might not be showy enough but you know them like the back of your hand, you know too well how to behave around them. But this day, make it more special, double your love that you usually give them. Presents sounds good, but don’t you think that a simple movie marathon and lounging on your living room seems much more appealing? Give it a shot, have a good laugh with them. They were you first love in the first place.

– your bf/gf. I know I should include this, I should be fair. LOL
So, if your other half asked you on a date, go have fun and show them how thankful you are for having them.
Well, I was never good at this since I haven’t asked on a date yet (like I am waiting for one? I’m single remember?) I also told you how I wouldn’t give you reminders and do’s for a date. But just remember this, whether you will go on a fancy a date or on a simple diner, do not fret much and enjoy every single moment of it. I believe that couple’s date should be more likely to a friend’s date because you’ve been that at first, right? Though, more intimate now. BUT, Girls! Yes, you girl, do not ever do something your parents remind you not to do, okay?

– you, your self. Just what I needed right now. I feel like I’ve been wasting so much time lately. Even though I’ve been with no one but myself, I feel like I needed this one. I wanted to travel and go on a void and silent place and just assess and reconstruct my dreams and goals in life. Yes, I am that lonely and broken, I can’t help but be like that, anyone with me? No?
Okay, just do your own thing and mess around as much as you want. Treat yourself. Be selfish for now and pig out alone, you have your yummy food for yourself. Or go for a walk wherever you want to go or go shopping, anything that will make you happy. Be generous to your self for once. Go and shower your self with love! (But I discourage you to buy chocolates and flowers then send it on your own address just to show off.) Come on, love yourself. Enjoy!

– with God. Definitely a must. Not just because it’s Vday but simply because He lives and is able. His love for us is more than enough reason to give Him little of our time everyday, if not, every once in a week. What is a 3hour service on church? It’s nothing, so better use it in a more worthy cause. Actually, giving is not the right word, we must offer. That is what He did, we should too.
Before everything, go worship and give Him praise. May it be with your friend, your teacher, your family, you bf/gf or your own, go and pour your heart out on Him. If He never fail to bless us, why fail Him now? He never stopped loving you, never will. Glory to Him.

God bless you all. Love one another, show them your love and live a happy life.

How are you going to celebrate this year’s Vday? Tell me.

Ps. You are always loved.

Happy Valentines day and have good one, lovies.

February 11, 2016 | 1:59 PM | Thursday


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