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I Have A Secret

I have tinnie tiny secret to tell. I am proud and at the same time embarrassed of what I am about to tell you. But I just have to let this out, like right now.

We made a video! I was in a video! A video that anyone could possibly see publicly! Surprise? I know you are not. Some may think that there is no biggy about it. Though for me, IT IS A HUGE thing.

To enlighten you more about thing ‘video’ I just told you, read further. My sister discover this online contest wherein you send entry videos (and pictures for some), since Christmas was only coming that time, advertisers used it to promote and give prizes to consumers. Well, my sister and her friend first joined on a dubsmash contest where you’ll have to feature their product. Since her friend is a multimedia arts student, they did great when it comes to quality and that’s alot for the criteria. So she then thought that it’s a good idea to join for another one again. She searched for more and found this girly product that suits us, sisters. It was a nail polish producer, they were in search for a colorful and artistic ad that gives the presenting of the product an unexpected twist. Hence, we submitted one.

We shoot the video last January 2 in the park. Making this video never bothered me just by thinking it at first. Because one, it should only have to be fifteen second long; two, my friends would never got to see this. And boy was I wrong with either. I convinced myself that there will be nothing to lose by doing this little skit. About time to do something different and get my self some action. Never did I thought that I am literally about to do ‘action’.

On the video, we were both bad ass chicks with guns on their hands. My first on cam acting could never been this cool, I was being chase ’cause I am that bad ass. LOL I must say that I did fine in it but my skill wasn’t that enough because we had to re-take all the scenes that there is. I ran, I tripped and I danced… yes we danced amidst of the action. Pretty unexpected, right? (The vide isn’t able when posting so here is the link instead. Check it out if you want)

I was not used to be seen on screen or in-action because I am always the director or a writer. So I’d say it’s challenging and exciting being it my first time. I gave it a shot anyway… and it wasn’ t that bad.

A month came and the contest was still going on, they extended it for some reason. But just this February, after confirming our entry validation, they started sharing every entries and I was getting nervous day by day. Then the day I feared the most came, they shared our video. My sister shared and it spreaded to my friend’s feed like wild fire. No, I was exaggerating. I don’t know who else saw but some of them thought it was funny to tease me about it. I felt embarrassed but kinikilig too. They were supportive despite the teases. Aren’t they the sweetest? I have cool friends, I know!

I just hope and pray that our effort will be worth it. The reward is really helpful if we ever got the chance to win this. I have an upcoming debut to celebrate and it will help me pay for necessities also, I think of going back to school, helping my self. I am so broke I know, and I can get through this.

But win or lose, I am happy with my experience. I overcame my wall of shyness, somehow. And that’s prizeless. Got to achieve more changes!

Ps. I will update you when the result came.

Have a good night, lovies.

-LSS February 9, 2016 | 10:36 PM | Tuesday


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