Out of the blue

Never mind this

Stressing myself over things that will never happen.

Damn midnight thoughts.

I always find myself imagining scenarios that is far from being possible. As much as I try diverting it to something much more realistic. smh

I wish my sleeping habit go back to its normal pattern.

Almost more than a hundred days left.


My night couldn’t get any better. My back aches so is my… heart. lolol

My eyes are tired as hell but I can’t keep them close still.

My eyes are tired but my mind just won’t stop working wth can you shut down?!

Time check: 1:29 AM

I was trying to sleep 4 hours ago. wow. ive gone so faaaarrr

I asked myself why I can’t sleep.and my heart answered: ‘You slept in the afternoon bish dont act like youre inlove!’. Touche.

But most of the time it is because I spent half of my day on cp. I am very productive.

I can’t understand.

They want me to do things where my heart aint ready for, yet.

It is a must but I always refuse. I need more time.

Lost soul.

I should help bc they are in need but their needs are mine’s too. What to do?

Prayers unanswerded.

Everytime I do something that is outdoor, whether its big or small; for me it was a HUGE achievement for the day.. if not, for a week.

I am now 25% Human and 75%… preservatives.

I miss the sun and the moon and the stars and the pollution. ye.

My daily routine: …..

Was listening to a music and it brought me to planet numkempot where it will invade your imaginations.

My imaginations are making me cringe and its not even rated r.

It was me on particular day of a particular time.

What shampoo should I use? My head always itch and my hair is getting thin.

10 years later: wow Im still on my phone.

awake.hardly alive.unenthusiastic.

Yes I am.

Sleep: Error 404

No. of try: nth

Dear self,
   It’s hard to understand you, I know. Your dilemma here is so deep. I can’t even! WTH Hope you remember what are the shts you talking about here. adios.

Ps. its almost two. basically Made in the AM. see what i did there? Ha!
Pps. bc u watched so much vids of harry s earlier. sheezzz


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