Inspire, Out of the blue

Two cents

Just because you took longer than the others doesn’t mean you failed.

This quote hit me really hard that lead me to put my thoughts into this… by words. For now, that is how I deal with things, especially with personal ones. Dealing with your emotions isn’t easy nor controlling it. Thus, you find ways to settle it and hope to cope up. By any means, writing have been my medium.

How do you know that you are being left out?

..or are you even left out?

We never know. We might thought but we never know. If you think you do, it was just you. Sometimes, ‘time’ is telling us otherwise.

Was ‘time’ became our basis of when, who and what is being left out?

Why do we always have to watch our ‘time’?

We should not. We must not.

Time sometimes measures life. Yes it does, but we don’t always have to lean with what the time is saying.

“If you are measuring life, you are not living it. “- Mitch Albom (Time Keeper)

You watch your clock to check for time. What if you learned it stopped sometime later that day? Your time passed but not your life.
We can even set up our clock according to our choices. It could be on advance or late. Just like how you decide on working a certain project, do it later or as early as you want.
People have different time zone and it was up to them on how they set up their clock. It was up to the place they belong. And as I am saying this, I realized, there is no such EXACT TIME. None. If the time is according to their places, then wait for your time till it is in your place.
When it is already your time, it will be placed.

Just like how people get achievements. It may be late or advance. But could we really say it that way? Because if there is no exact time then there is no late nor advance. Right?

Apparently, he achieved a particular thing because it was his ‘time’. He set his time up according to how he wants but he never got that achievement because he wanted. I mean, it was given right? He acts upon his desires, he plan and aim for it but He is the One who decides. God gave that to him. Therefore, only God, gives time. Only God has the perfect time.

I, is currently experiencing it myself. Why my simple question turned out this deep? I do not know.
I am not into the idea of being left out because first, who is?
And now that I am seeing my friends that is my age, taking a leap ahead of me is something that triggers me to question my life.
I question every single aspect of current happenings. Then I realized, I am only stressing myself with all these.
We just have to wait. Passing days might pressure you but don’t worry. Everything will fall into place.

Something bigger and something much more you deserve is what He has in stored for you. Just be patient.

Who knows, one day God surprise you with what you have been praying for in front of your face. He can do it with just a snap of His fingers, so, who knows?

splxxnx | January 5, 2016 | 4:30 PM |Monday|


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