Cheers to 2016

I am an optimistic person, yes I am, that is why I pushed myself so hard just to start to write something that is somewhat relatable to ‘New Year’; since we are almost a heartbeat away from it so, yeah, I think it’s necessary, well, for me.

I don’t and have never had a new year’s resolution. I just know that I will never be consistent with things I wanted to change. Also, I tend to forget those in the midst of the year. Maybe, I should make a change and not be forgetful next year, eh? Sounds fun, sure.

This coming year, I don’t want to expect things to come before it; I dont want to pressure them atleast. [haha] I tried to go with the flow of my life, I still don’t know where it would lead me but someday, I will. But since, it’s a new year, I wanted to appreciate its presence and welcome it with such enthusiasm that it deserves.

Firstly, I wanted to thank God that He still lets me and my family to see the world’s beauty despite its imperfection. We faced and fought problems throughout 2015 but we are deeply grateful to be able to overcome everything together. And now, we are on ahead of another year once more and still intact. All my prayers is to be with them still and this foundation to be intact and would never breakdown, forever. We just have to be more understanding and patient, though.

Secondly, to my friends who never left me. Kudos to you guys. To those who continues to understand me despite my weirdness and uncertainties. I have been the most unpredictable person I knew this 2015. Damn, I hate it. Even I, won’t just understand myself at times. We might not converse and meet all the time but your love and care never changed. And I am forever thankful for having your kind of friendships. And I also want you to know that I treasure every moment we were together, you guys will always be amazing.

Lastly, for my existence, I have been overthinking for 17 years and 8 months now, ang God never got tired of me. I know He never will. 2015 may not be the most exciting year of my life but it has been a part of it and that is enough to be grateful for; as simple as breathing is enough to be grateful for. I know He has alot in stored for me in the next future and I will wait for it. 2015 wasn’t my best year but it was good and I know days will get better, soon.

I have to admit that this year wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. If I were to count my best days, the worst ones will always outnumber it and stand tall and high. I had cried buckets of tears and spent sleepless nights gawking and doing nothing. Also it was impossible to count all the hours I spent on my bed– one year seems forever to me. But those rocks and patches taught so many things and made me see things maturedly and courageously.

Best life lessons always comes from failures.

I don’t want to degrade myself so much but I know that I have to work on with my life big time. It’s been boring and less exciting, time to wake up do something now. And I guess, this simple entry will help me; being it a starter to pursue my life more and be an explorer.

I don’t want to expect much but this should be my goals set to help me aim and want for more.

This coming 2016 I want:

» To be able to go back to school.
» To get a job in order to help myself financially.
» To never miss even a single sunday service. Well, atleast, never let my faith decrease.
» To celebrate my 18th birthday!! Yay!! Hoping to have a party, atleast.
» Not let myself spend the 80% of my day on Phone or any electronic devices for unneccessary purposes.
» Stop making ‘tanga’ and ‘bobo’ as expression. -.-
» Have more patienceeeeee.
» Have a love life? Mmmm
» To sleep on time. 8hrs.
» To take extra care of my skin.
» To be less overthinker or not at all.
» To keep my friends still.
» To be more confident.
» To accomplish my designated task in everything.
» To be a better person!

… actually I am having a hard time thinking of things I wanted to achieve for this upcoming year. The things that are listed was apparently in no particular order— some are irrelevant and all but that is all that I could think of for now. I can’t still see myself to any place in the future. All I ever wished is this year to hold something bigger than past ones for me. And that would be what God will do, I just know.

All I could ever do now is wait and see how everything will unfold.

Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope that each one of you is having a great one.

Happy New Year too. Do you have a new year resolution too? What are those?

Have a beautiful day, lovies.

splxnnx| December 29, 2015| Wed| 11:15 PM|


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