How many days to go?

Time flies so fast, isn’t it? It feels like it was just yesterday when we struggle keeping up with the heat summer is causing, but now, seems like everyone is enjoying the night breeze christmas season’s been giving.

Counting the days, we have 15 days left before the season everyone is gushing about, yes fifteen days. Looking over your neighbor hood it is refreshing to see colourful decoration and sparkling lights outlining their houses. The ‘parol’ that us Filipinos traditionally decorate to symbolize that indeed the day of hope and happiness is coming by so quickly. It was like a reminder for us everytime we see one.

Now that Christmas is near, are we ready?

Have you brought gifts already? Have you even put the lights and decoration on its places? Have you decided on what to cook on the holiday? Have you planned where you guys are going to spend it and who are you going to spend it with?

There are so many things to consider now that it’s getting nearer and people were all getting busy doing their stuffs.

But on a serious note, how do you feel now that Christmas is coming?

If I were to answer that question, I must say that I am torn from excited to nervous.

Excited that days from here on will be filled with parties and different happy gatherings from friends and family. At the same time, nervous from the thought that Christmas being on the month December and it being the last of the year. What have I accomplished throughout this year? I don’t want to be negative about it but I can’t just help it you know? It was in me, naturally, to be a negatron. Haha

I wanted to do so many things and can’t help but expect many things too about this ever-awaited-holiday-season.

What I want for Christmas?

-Gifts!! Ofcourse haha. Who doesn’t want one? [not just one]
Though I also wanted to be remembered by my loved ones. Calling out for my friends and family out there?
Truthfully, I wanted to receive letters, because for me, it was something, it was more than greeting me a ‘Happy Holidays’, I wanted to know their current thoughts and wishes for me. I kept all letters my friends have given me.

– I wanted to be happy too, ofcourse. I don’t want to feel blue on that day. I hope Good Vibes surround me all day.

– Well, on 26th, basically still holiday, Supnet fam will be having a grand reunion on La Union. It is on my list too, I wanted this year to be something different from the past years set up and meeting other relatives is definitely something to look forward to. To spend a holiday there will be awesome, I know. We went there last August and I definitely wanted to go back on the ‘North side’.

– I secretly loving hugs, tight hugs especially from the people that has been with me ever since. Hugs from you, my friend, please? *puppy eyes*

I wish this Christmas will be filled with nothing but love and happiness. Isn’t that what Christmas is about? It’s essence is to give love and happiness towards everyone around you. And that is all I ever wish. Before this year ends, I hope you spend it with much more exciting experiences and keep your smile pasted on your beautiful face. God speed! Happy holidays everyone! Cheers!!

Ps. Wishing you to have a memorable and fantastic holiday. Sending love…

splxxnx | thurs | 5:40 PM | December 10, 2015


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