Cheers to 2016

I am an optimistic person, yes I am, that is why I pushed myself so hard just to start to write something that is somewhat relatable to ‘New Year’; since we are almost a heartbeat away from it so, yeah, I think it’s necessary, well, for me.

I don’t and have never had a new year’s resolution. I just know that I will never be consistent with things I wanted to change. Also, I tend to forget those in the midst of the year. Maybe, I should make a change and not be forgetful next year, eh? Sounds fun, sure.

This coming year, I don’t want to expect things to come before it; I dont want to pressure them atleast. [haha] I tried to go with the flow of my life, I still don’t know where it would lead me but someday, I will. But since, it’s a new year, I wanted to appreciate its presence and welcome it with such enthusiasm that it deserves.

Firstly, I wanted to thank God that He still lets me and my family to see the world’s beauty despite its imperfection. We faced and fought problems throughout 2015 but we are deeply grateful to be able to overcome everything together. And now, we are on ahead of another year once more and still intact. All my prayers is to be with them still and this foundation to be intact and would never breakdown, forever. We just have to be more understanding and patient, though.

Secondly, to my friends who never left me. Kudos to you guys. To those who continues to understand me despite my weirdness and uncertainties. I have been the most unpredictable person I knew this 2015. Damn, I hate it. Even I, won’t just understand myself at times. We might not converse and meet all the time but your love and care never changed. And I am forever thankful for having your kind of friendships. And I also want you to know that I treasure every moment we were together, you guys will always be amazing.

Lastly, for my existence, I have been overthinking for 17 years and 8 months now, ang God never got tired of me. I know He never will. 2015 may not be the most exciting year of my life but it has been a part of it and that is enough to be grateful for; as simple as breathing is enough to be grateful for. I know He has alot in stored for me in the next future and I will wait for it. 2015 wasn’t my best year but it was good and I know days will get better, soon.

I have to admit that this year wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. If I were to count my best days, the worst ones will always outnumber it and stand tall and high. I had cried buckets of tears and spent sleepless nights gawking and doing nothing. Also it was impossible to count all the hours I spent on my bed– one year seems forever to me. But those rocks and patches taught so many things and made me see things maturedly and courageously.

Best life lessons always comes from failures.

I don’t want to degrade myself so much but I know that I have to work on with my life big time. It’s been boring and less exciting, time to wake up do something now. And I guess, this simple entry will help me; being it a starter to pursue my life more and be an explorer.

I don’t want to expect much but this should be my goals set to help me aim and want for more.

This coming 2016 I want:

» To be able to go back to school.
» To get a job in order to help myself financially.
» To never miss even a single sunday service. Well, atleast, never let my faith decrease.
» To celebrate my 18th birthday!! Yay!! Hoping to have a party, atleast.
» Not let myself spend the 80% of my day on Phone or any electronic devices for unneccessary purposes.
» Stop making ‘tanga’ and ‘bobo’ as expression. -.-
» Have more patienceeeeee.
» Have a love life? Mmmm
» To sleep on time. 8hrs.
» To take extra care of my skin.
» To be less overthinker or not at all.
» To keep my friends still.
» To be more confident.
» To accomplish my designated task in everything.
» To be a better person!

… actually I am having a hard time thinking of things I wanted to achieve for this upcoming year. The things that are listed was apparently in no particular order— some are irrelevant and all but that is all that I could think of for now. I can’t still see myself to any place in the future. All I ever wished is this year to hold something bigger than past ones for me. And that would be what God will do, I just know.

All I could ever do now is wait and see how everything will unfold.

Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope that each one of you is having a great one.

Happy New Year too. Do you have a new year resolution too? What are those?

Have a beautiful day, lovies.

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Northern Side

I’ve come cross to one of this picture of mine posing along the walk path of botanical garden and reminisce my experience on the  Northern part of Luzon. Lol

I also realised how I never wrote anything about my 48hour get away. It actually goes like this– i liked the idea of stepping foot on Baguio but not as much as I loved sitting on a bus for six hours enjoying the view. Tbh, the latter sounds much appealing to me.

It was almost lunch when we arrived at La Union (10 Aug). We were warmly welcomed by our relatives there. The feels were amazing, the air that I breathe was authentic but not really because their location was literally along side of the road so, but yeah, I was finally out of town! Yiz! The fact that I got to see mountains everytime i looked out was refreshing, it gave me chills that I don’t know, maybe giddy for how that day would go. The people were amazing too but the fact that I am a teen and my need to kid around was vanished when I learned that I’ll be actually surrounded by mature version of a person. (What am I saying tho?) Sitting and watching them talk is fantastic, like really fantastic that I actually want to smack my face into the table, fantastic. Luckily, I somehow got a companion, thanks to Kuya Jeboy for keeping me entertained by his stories and facts about the place. There he goes all ‘tourist guide’ on me and also photographer. (His shots are amazing that I have to figure out if am I being the subject of the photo or what and ’em like really where’s mah face dude?)(I did not mention it to him ofcourse, like duh?!) There I also met lots of people, beautiful people. I think they were great if I got to stay longer to bond with them more but the shy me won’t do that; so they will stay just that… beautiful people.

We got to spend the night on one of the aunt’s house, it was fine and I slept well. Aside from the day being exhausting, I very much welcomed the peace and silence to swallow me already for I do not want to hear another story again. I’ve got enough for the day, so please. And then I was in my corner again crept up in a deep slumber.

My own mind driving its own woke me up, it wanted my eyes to open abruptly, so it did. Early in the morning, we drunk coffee ( my 2nd time in 12 hours, wait ’till one day passed by) and another surprise surprise, batch of stories again. We also got to see their owned land, and it’s big I tell you. Rich family they got here. Tita got to bring home some freshly picked fruits and vegies too.

It was almost 10 I think when we continued our way to Baguio (Aug. 11). I was fine as long as I got the window sit and it was just perfect. The 45minute ride was consisted of trees, rocks, waterfalls, trees, houses, risky road, trees, fogs, the lion, trees, phone games, trees, music, people ofcourse and have I mentioned trees yet? Yeah, there are trees too. I just can’t believe that we’re literally driving all the way up the mountain, cuz’ everytime I lean on my window side I could see the road we’ve just driven. Man was that freaking great! I should also tell you that the moment we stepped out of the car my mind was blown by the literal chills it gave me like what the hell the sun is shining brightly and there are breeze. Whoah man, baguio is screaming, memories to come bro, memories, get ready. We, just my cousin and I this time stroll around jumping from one location to another. When I thought that walking is really exciting got my tongue back out. There is a freaking killer path we have to walk up. It felt like I’m climbing a wall because I literally came face to face with the asphalt. Man, that wasn’t the end yet, it also has turning point, if the first 10 steps was torture, how much more did I endure? Ugh, at that point I was already planning how should I start my body work out when I got back home because I honestly gulped down my whole water bottle for a 10m [i think] walk. My endurance and power obviously shoot down due to my lack of activity for almost a year. We have some lazy fat ass here, ’em sowyy. But the view after the hill-like-climbing was breath taking, I promise. You can see little house down the mountain and stacks of fogs, I wanna swim on there, tbh. Talk about hard work pays off, it did. Though my experience here has just got started, I was sweating cold on my shirt the moment we arrived at UP Baguio. I was only on my jeans and cheap shoes  and add my baggage I carried around while the people around us is in their styles and outfits. Thinking they are also just my age, my self-esteem boosted low enough within 5 seconds. Congratulations, you are a brave girl. Like I could ever wear those kind of clothes even I am prepared enough. Wait, something is missing. Right, I lost the jacket along our strolling that I had tried to go back to where it might have fallen because I just borrowed the jacket and is actually my sister’s. Right, talk about memories. From that moment, I dont know, I lost all the excitement I reserved for this anticipated trip. It simply ruined my expectations. All I could think of is how the hell will I explain my clumsiness. That is my personal self ladies and gentlemen, always getting ready for the worst because I always come up with the worse. Thank you.

We stayed for another hours on a different aunt’s house again. Wherein, you can encounter a dog in every step, thrilling isn’t it? Because I am very much looking forward to catch rabies here, awesome. We sipped in a coffee again while watching and spent the lunch there. Baguio is really expecting me there ’cause it can’t help but surprise me; it’s freaking raining. I’m on Baguio and I’m spending half of my stay torturing my mind of how much more luck will I get until the day ends. Finally, when it was on the mid afternoon we decided to take the chance and start the stroll despite the slight rain. We went to different famous parks that can be found there like: botanical garden, wright park, the mansion and burnham park. (Dunno if that’s all and what others are called, cool) I also got to experience boating and I got so much fun, it was my first time. Once the dark crept in, we met up with the others and dine in on a Greenwich. Their lasagna was like, wow. Very foreign to my mouth, a good different tho. There also goes pizza and chicken too. Seem like Tita do not ever want us to feel atleast a slight of starvation since from the start. We got a slight problem with the transpo on the way to the house full of dogs, arf, but they managed to get us home. We rested for a good hour first before bidding goodbye. Once we settled on the bus, the exhaustion and stress kicked in. I got tons of happenings in a short span of time. Both good and bad. I was so drowned in thoughts that I do not ever want to go up from here, slumped and burried. Thinking maybe this is a bad idea… but not really. Maybe going here is a reward too, for how much time I lost locking up myself but again still not really. I don’t know and I do not want to know. I wanted it to stay the way as it is.

That 48hour got away might be my burden or happiness in the future. It being a ‘memory’ will always be either of the two. But if you are expecting it from me, there is a higher percent that it will be most likely the former. That is a kind of person I am. I am that optimistic. I promote goodvibes. *Note the sarcasm*
When I think of those ‘memories’ I can’t help but sigh and utter, good times; yeah, good times.

Ps. I hope I do not confuse you with my sarcastic remarks along the lines there,.so yeah. Try figure which one is and are not.
Pps. I do not even thought you would be reading this because in any means, you are not meant too. Loool

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How many days to go?

Time flies so fast, isn’t it? It feels like it was just yesterday when we struggle keeping up with the heat summer is causing, but now, seems like everyone is enjoying the night breeze christmas season’s been giving.

Counting the days, we have 15 days left before the season everyone is gushing about, yes fifteen days. Looking over your neighbor hood it is refreshing to see colourful decoration and sparkling lights outlining their houses. The ‘parol’ that us Filipinos traditionally decorate to symbolize that indeed the day of hope and happiness is coming by so quickly. It was like a reminder for us everytime we see one.

Now that Christmas is near, are we ready?

Have you brought gifts already? Have you even put the lights and decoration on its places? Have you decided on what to cook on the holiday? Have you planned where you guys are going to spend it and who are you going to spend it with?

There are so many things to consider now that it’s getting nearer and people were all getting busy doing their stuffs.

But on a serious note, how do you feel now that Christmas is coming?

If I were to answer that question, I must say that I am torn from excited to nervous.

Excited that days from here on will be filled with parties and different happy gatherings from friends and family. At the same time, nervous from the thought that Christmas being on the month December and it being the last of the year. What have I accomplished throughout this year? I don’t want to be negative about it but I can’t just help it you know? It was in me, naturally, to be a negatron. Haha

I wanted to do so many things and can’t help but expect many things too about this ever-awaited-holiday-season.

What I want for Christmas?

-Gifts!! Ofcourse haha. Who doesn’t want one? [not just one]
Though I also wanted to be remembered by my loved ones. Calling out for my friends and family out there?
Truthfully, I wanted to receive letters, because for me, it was something, it was more than greeting me a ‘Happy Holidays’, I wanted to know their current thoughts and wishes for me. I kept all letters my friends have given me.

– I wanted to be happy too, ofcourse. I don’t want to feel blue on that day. I hope Good Vibes surround me all day.

– Well, on 26th, basically still holiday, Supnet fam will be having a grand reunion on La Union. It is on my list too, I wanted this year to be something different from the past years set up and meeting other relatives is definitely something to look forward to. To spend a holiday there will be awesome, I know. We went there last August and I definitely wanted to go back on the ‘North side’.

– I secretly loving hugs, tight hugs especially from the people that has been with me ever since. Hugs from you, my friend, please? *puppy eyes*

I wish this Christmas will be filled with nothing but love and happiness. Isn’t that what Christmas is about? It’s essence is to give love and happiness towards everyone around you. And that is all I ever wish. Before this year ends, I hope you spend it with much more exciting experiences and keep your smile pasted on your beautiful face. God speed! Happy holidays everyone! Cheers!!

Ps. Wishing you to have a memorable and fantastic holiday. Sending love…

splxxnx | thurs | 5:40 PM | December 10, 2015