Tell her…

Words are so powerful. You have to think first of what you are going to say because you didn’t know how much power this hold towards him/her, especially if you are someone that is special for that said person.

Bluntness is good but you should know your limit. Do not overdo it just to prove that you are just being real. Suck being real if you don’t care of one’s vulnerable emotion.

There are things that most people especially girls secretly want to hear when they are in a particular instance.

Tell her she’s pretty when she doubt herself in the mirror.

Tell her she’s amazing when she feels bad of doing something which isn’t really that bad.

Tell her she’s gorgeous when she made an effort to look so.

Tell her she did great in every achievement, little or big is still an achievement.

Tell her you will always be there when she felt so hopeless.

Tell her she’s beautiful in every aspect no matter what, tell her that everyday.

Tell her things that will help her unesiness low down. There are so many instances that she may feel helpless. Help her bulid her confidence. Boost up her self-esteem because you might not know how much she overthink every single thing she’s doing. If she did it the right way or no? She might be doing that everyday without your knowledge. You might not know what has been bothering her everytime she goes out of her house looking so intimidated as always. Feeding ones ego sometimes isn’t that bad, especially those who needed them.

She might need your words to help her heart grow strong when she felt so broken.

But don’t just tell her… show her because girls secretly needed assurance, yes, assurance.

I think that I found myself a cheerleader. She is always right there when I need her. -Cheerleader sang by Omi

… girls needed their cheerleader too. It might be you… Oh boy, it might be you.

assure her

splxxnx | 7:07 | mon | November 30, 2015


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