Pm to Am 0.1


There is nothing more than hanging out with your good old friends. But because we wanted to push it over the edge, we stayed up all night. Yup, the overnight has been fun. Though I must admit that there was some dull moments here and there but everything’s fine.

We played games, (well, they did) all I did was laugh at their rudiculousness, we told stories, we scared ourselves and ofcourse, we pigged out! These people never failed to make me happy that is for sure. They were a part of my life that I can’t easily brushed off, honestly, because for once, they are bunch of persuasive idiots, we all are. I just love this group so much.

I am looking forward for more of things like this, always with you guys ofcourse. I hope that it will be more eventful than it was before and I hope we’ll be able to complete all the members, and when it happened, I know it will be nothing but a blast!

Let us all loosen up and enjoy ourselves. Wishing for another get together soon, missing each of you already. All the love from the prettiest member. xxx



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